Enertiv identifies $219,000 in savings in 3 months for 6 Class A offices

The Challenge
A US owner and operator of community, power, and grocery-anchored centers was recovering only 26% of water costs due to their utility provider’s lack of visibility over tenant usage, opaque billing methods, and reliance on sporadic manual readings.
The Outcome
Using Enertiv, they increased their water cost recovery from 26% to 100% across nine buildings in less than five months, resulting in over $218,000 in incremental revenue and a $3,000,000 increase in property value.


  • Six Class A offices in Jacksonville, FL averaging  120k sq ft
  • $157,000 investment in Enertiv
  • $219,000 in savings identified within 3 months

Executive Summary

  • Enertiv identified $219,000 worth of savings with only 10 weeks of data
  • Close collaboration between Enertiv’s client success  team and on-site engineers ensured value creation without direct involvement by executives
  • On-site COVID-19 response was quick and tactical thanks to Enertiv’s strong relationship with engineers


Recognizing that emerging technologies added new channels through which asset value can be created, ownership developed an approach to quickly identify and pilot promising tech platforms.

In the beginning of 2020, ownership challenged Enertiv to deliver an attractive return on investment with six Class A office assets in Jacksonville, FL.

“…$219,000 worth of savings with only 10 weeks of data”


By the end of January, Enertiv had installed 1,470 sensors, integrated with the building management systems, and taken digital scans of the properties.

During the onboarding and training session in February, Enertiv’s client success team presented the operational issues that had been identified as well as the prescriptions and quantified impact.

These insights included:

  • $163,000 per year of waste running HVAC systems when buildings were unoccupied
  • $51,000 per year of waste simultaneously heating and cooling spaces
  • $5,000 per year of opportunity by reducing motor speeds with VFDs

As the third party management engineers began implementing the prescriptions with the support of Enertiv’s client success team, the COVID-19 outbreak dramatically changed the occupancy of the building. Fortunately, the data allowed Enertiv and engineers to quickly confer, adjust their plan on the fly, and ensure that operations reflected the new reality


Enertiv’s client success team not only presented specific insights, but followed-up to ensure that prescriptions were being implemented. Each change was measured and verified in the data before being reported to asset managers.

In the process of verifying the savings impact, Enertiv noticed that changes to HVAC controls were not having any effect on the equipment operations. This prompted an inspection that uncovered a malfunctioning controller, a common and costly problem that otherwise would remain hidden until the next yearly audit.

The successful demonstration of Enertiv’s value has led ownership to expand the platform both vertically across more assets and horizontally with other applications available in the Enertiv Platform.