Prevent tenant complaints, loss of knowledge, & equipment breakdowns instead of reacting to them

The only platform with everything you need to tackle issues fast, centralize repair history and equipment info, maximize the quality of your preventive maintenance, and monitor equipment health to prevent breakdowns.
Enertiv is for you if:
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You want a robust preventive maintenance tool that goes beyond basic checklists 
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You know that your maintenance tool lives and dies with
your onsite operators and prioritize fast adoption
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You don’t settle for a fix-it-when-it-breaks approach and
want to prevent breakdowns to extend equipment lifespan
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Protecting assets for CRE owners, operators, and private equity firms
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Everything your operators
need at the palm of their hands

Enertiv surveys your buildings and creates a digital repository of all your equipment from HVAC systems to RTUs and assign each one a QR code. Operators can access maintenance records, best practices, checklists, and manuals for every piece of equipment with a quick scan using the Enertiv mobile app.

Equipment Details

At a glance, operators can see the equipment’s type, model number, and attached warranties and service agreements
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Repair History

Operators can access a detailed repair history for any equipment by scanning its QR code, showing service dates, specific tasks performed, and technicians involved.
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Preventive Maintenance Checklists

Your operators get access to checklists for any tasks based on our extensive library of best practice templates, all ASHRAE-compliant and customizable to your specific frequency, standards, equipment,
and properties.
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Manual and Part Lists

We source O&M manuals and parts lists for you and attach them to their respective equipment. So your operators have detailed instructions on hand to keep your assets in peak condition or know which parts to order without having to look for them.
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Work Orders

The Enertiv mobile app issues work orders through a checklist system and tracks your staff’s performance. Performance is then converted into scores that reflect the speed of ticket resolution and compliance rate, offering a bird’s eye view of maintenance performance by property.
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Protect against turnover, eliminate loss of knowledge, & onboard new operators fast

By centralizing information on how your equipment operates, routine checks, repair histories, and best practices, Enertiv helps you onboard new staff, protects your assets by preserving critical knowledge, and ensures continuity and high standards despite varying skill levels, staff turnover, or no direct oversight. 

Fast-track adoption by
making the lives of your operators easier

With quick access on the field to step-by-step instructions for any task on any piece of equipment and repair history, your operators will know exactly what they have to do and when without wasting time searching and calling.
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Maximize the quality and consistency of preventive maintenance

Protect your assets by automating schedules for mechanical rounds and preventive maintenance for large-ticket items.

Operators automatically get step-by-step instructions for any task or piece of equipment to make sure your maintenance meets manufacturers' expectations and industry best practices.

Deliver a concierge-level service with a tenant portal

Provide tenants access to an easy-to-use portal where they can submit tickets, attach pictures, track progress, get updates, and chat directly with your team - ensuring fast communication and issue resolution.
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Avoid expensive repairs and concessions with real-time equipment alerts

By monitoring your equipment, Enertiv detects issues and alerts your team so they can proactively resolve problems without needing to constantly monitor a BMS - preventing failures, costly repairs, and customer issues.
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“Enertiv detected a cycling issue in one of our main condenser pumps. The repair and realignment cost $9,000, much less than the $70,000 replacement cost for such a heavy and significant piece of equipment. That alone paid for the Enertiv subscription multiple times over”
Todd Fridey
Director Of Engineering I Related Management Company

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Frequently asked questions

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