Maximize utility
recovery rate without scribbling meter reads
or spreadsheets

Enertiv removes the entire error-prone, time-consuming process of meter reading and invoice generation from
your plate.

Get all your meter data and utility bills with perfect accuracy, generate flawless bills, and provide tenants direct access to billing history. Everything is done automatically for you and validated at each step by experts.
Maximizing utility recovery rate for CRE owners and operators
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Get accurate meter data no matter what submeters you have in place

From buildings with existing smart meters, no submeters, analog submeters, and submeters in hard-to-reach places, Enertiv has all scenarios covered to get you accurate tenant consumption for electricity, water, and gas.

100% automated

Enertiv eliminates manual meter checks by installing non-proprietary submeters to capture tenant consumption. This data is then used to generate bills automatically and help your tenants with their ESG reporting.
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Integration with existing submeters 

Enertiv easily integrates with your existing open protocol metering infrastructure and IoT devices, including pulse read meters, data loggers, and solar arrays. This eliminates the need and costs of installing new systems.
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Digital meter reads with QR scanning

Using the Enertiv mobile app, operators no longer have to jot down meter readings by hand. They scan QR codes installed on meters, take pictures of the readout and the app instantly extracts the reading for verification.

Each reading is automatically saved with a full activity history including time-stamped images to provide you with evidence during tenant disputes.
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Receive clean, vetted,
and customizable tenant
bills instantly

Eneritv automatically creates bills for your tenants using utility bills and submetering data.

Rest easy knowing that you’ll be instantly notified when they are ready for approval and that each bill has been vetted for accuracy by our team. 
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Send bills directly through Enertiv or Yardi integration
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Download bills and attach them to a rent statement
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Download bills as a CSV and bulk upload them to your tool of choice

Avoid unnecessary costs from vacant spaces

Our utility billing experts pinpoint vacant units and
send you custom insights to turn off utilities or assign them to active tenants so you can avoid paying for unused utilities.

Get transparency into cost recovery and consumption across your portfolio

At a glance, spot meter vacancies, identify which tenants are using the most and the least, monitor changes in billing patterns, and assess recovery performance at specific properties and across your portfolio.

Maximize tenant trust by providing
access to the clear billing history

With Enertiv, tenants can access a self-serve portal to understand their billing history, consumption, and environmental impact, virtually eliminating disputes over charges. This lets you engage tenants at a level that most owners don’t and work together to reduce consumption.
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“We’ve gotten very positive feedback from our tenants who appreciate the billing process being made simple. With Enertiv, we are able to accomplish tenant interaction, engagement, and partnership, which are the foundation of a Platinum Green Lease Leader like Brandywine.”
Ron Becker
SVP of Operations and Sustainability I Brandywine Realty Trust

Enertiv is built from the ground up to eliminate menial, repetitive work

Manage move-ins and move-outs
Make immediate adjustments within Enertiv by managing move-ins and move-outs.
Instant notification for bill approval
Once bills are ready for approval, you’ll be notified on Enertiv, eliminating email back and forth.
Get your utility bills automatically
Enertiv automates utility bill collection and checks them for accuracy, setting a baseline to spot anomalies and track consumption costs.
Bulk upload rent rolls automatically
If you have high activity periods with large amounts of move-ins or outs, your dedicated account manager will upload rent rolls for you.
CSV template adjustment
Download bills and reports in CSV format for easy bulk upload into your preferred tool. Our team will customize templates to ensure seamless integration with your PM software.

The Enertiv team gets you to 100% recovery by auditing your current billing methodologies and uncovering hidden mistakes and charges.  

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The world’s 5th largest real estate firm saves $100,000 annually by correcting billing error

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