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We Transform Building Data into Asset Value

Enertiv is a real estate technology company based in New York City. We deliver unprecedented visibility and drive NOI growth by reducing expenses associated with maintenance and repairs, utility costs, CapEx budgeting and forecasting, vendor & staff management, retrofit decisions, and the due diligence process. 

Our key differentiator is the ability to affordably capture more data per building regardless of the systems in place, and to leverage the 6 billion hours of performance data captured to date, to deliver actionable insights to every stakeholder, from the boardroom to the boiler room.

The Enertiv Platform has been deployed in 50 commercial real estate portfolios, including at least one of the three largest companies in each of the property types we serve: office, multifamily, industrial and hospitality. Our data advantage is combined with the industry expertise of these leading owners and operators to codify industry best practices across client portfolios.

Our Mission


We Aim to Dramatically Improve the World by Doing Something That’s Never Been Done Before

When we started Enertiv in 2011, we were shocked by how little transparency there was for owners and operators regarding their building operations. We built software to help bring their data to life, but existing sources were not granular enough to be actionable.

We understood that the best analytics in the world couldn’t make up for a lack of data. So we decided to build our own device to track equipment-level performance with an emphasis on easy installs and low costs. Since then, we have added new data streams and partnered with the industry’s most innovative real estate portfolios to build the largest library of actionable insights tailored for commercial real estate.

The more data we capture, and smarter our solutions become and the more accurate our predictions are. With full transparency, the industry stands to unlock billions of dollars of asset value while delivering a superior experience to their tenants.


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 Our Platform

The Enertiv Platform is a modular suite of solutions that can be delivered individually, but are most powerful as a whole.

  • Enertiv AI (Asset Intelligence) drives meaningful cost reductions by bringing visibility to every system in a portfolio and delivering insights on how to best direct and prioritize resources.

  • Enertiv ATB (Automatic Tenant Billing) streamlines the tenant submetering process and provides real-time transparency into recovery rates.


Trusted by Leaders in the Industry



Connell McGill

Connell is the CEO and Co-Founder of Enertiv and sits on its Board of Directors. His responsibilities include driving the company vision, growing the team, managing key client accounts, and maintaining investor relations. Connell was recently named a finalist for Top Founder in Real Estate Tech Week NYC and was previously named a Top Entrepreneur in New York City for his contributions at Enertiv.

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Pavel Khodorkovskiy

Pavel is the CTO and Co-Founder of Enertiv and sits on its Board of Directors. Pavel is a highly experienced technologist credited for developing both the hardware and software for Enertiv’s early prototype. Today, he is responsible for overseeing R&D of the Enertiv Platform, managing the company’s new product development roadmap, and installation logistics and operations for the company.

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