A fully managed product delivers simplicity & peace of mind

Enertiv takes care of onsite surveys, software setup, hardware installation, onboarding, training, and provides the ease of use that only a unified, fully managed product with a 10+ year track record can deliver. No extra workload for your team or disruption for your tenants.
Powering efficient operations for CRE owners and operators
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How it works

Every deployment with Enertiv starts with building a foundation for visibility and continuity by digitizing your equipment and utility bills, making everything accessible online so you can move away from tacit knowledge and spreadsheets.

Get a digital repository of your assets without lifting a finger

Enertiv’s national network of survey technicians goes on-site to create a digital inventory of all your equipment and meters. This includes:
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Taking pictures
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Extracting nameplate information
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Assess current condition
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Sourcing and uploading O&M manuals
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Attaching warranties and service agreements
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Deploying QR codes to pull all the information above with a quick scan
Get a clear view of your assets at each site from HVAC systems to RTUs so you can protect against staff turnover, ensure smoother transitions during asset sales, and strategize replacements and upgrades.

Get all your utility bills automatically

Enertiv connects to your utility accounts and automatically imports bills each month, eliminating the need to manually search for billing information. This hassle-free process makes it simple to analyze utility consumption and costs across your properties.

What you can do with Enertiv

Choose the modules that fit your needs.

Energy & ESG

Capture accurate utility data without emailing tenants and sync it with Energy Star.

Tenant Billing

Enertiv uses your tenant meter data to automatically generate clean, customizable bills to bill back tenants and maximize recovery.


Easily track and manage work orders, tenant tickets, preventive maintenance, & inspections - all in one place.

Capital Planning

Consolidates your spreadsheets into a unified source for tracking capital expenses, projects, and budgets.
Equipment & BMS monitoring

Power up your preventive maintenance with equipment-level insights

Enertiv can monitor individual equipment runtime and operating costs.

Combined with the world’s largest operational intelligence data set, Enertiv automatically pinpoints issues such as unusual start times, mechanical faults, and leaks.

Then, we provide you with precise course-corrections to prevent failures and reduce repair costs.

Enertiv is more than just software and hardware - it’s a dedicated team of CRE experts who help you run your buildings and teams better.

“ I used to think Enertiv was just a tech solution. It isn’t. It’s powered by smart people. Working with the team is like having experts analyzing our operations and asking us: “Have you thought about this?”. They are training our ops teams which are in turn changing the way they work.”
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Morley Barr
Senior Vice President @ Aspen Properties

Built to work with your existing solutions

Enertiv integrates with your existing property management software, BMS, submeters, and business intelligence tools, providing a single source of truth to boost visibility and align your teams.

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Frequently asked questions

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