Enertiv Submetering Solution and Smart Building Technologies Implementation Process

The Implementation Process

Review the step-by-step implementation process from project design through onboarding and ongoing client success.

Third Party Integrations

Enertiv's Operations Performance System integrates with leading electric submetering, sensor, energy tracking, and data acquisition solutions

Onboarding Process for Electric Submetering

Client Success

See the "Enertiv Difference" - the personal touch that we apply to compliment automated notifications and insights from our platform.


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A live look at Enertiv's Submeter Electricity & Operations Management Platform

Enertiv AI — Asset Intelligence

Equipment performance software that tracks all of the critical systems in a building, from the boilers and chillers, to the elevators and exhaust fans. Any deviations from normal operations are immediately detected and detailed to building operators.

An example of Enertiv's tenant submetering solutions and billing management technology

Enertiv ATB – Automatic Tenant Billing

Submeter electricity and water by tracking consumption in real time, and automatically delivering invoices as soon as the billing period ends.