How to Get Smart Building Technology in Your 2020 Budget


Ideally, annual budgets in commercial real estate would be created from a blank slate, otherwise known as “zero based.” Property managers would have the bandwidth and data necessary to empirically project revenues and operating costs. Asset managers would have granular benchmarking trends at their fingertips and the time to confirm the property manager’s projections with market conditions. All of this would support the owner’s long-term strategy and portfolio goals.

Of course, that’s never how it plays out. Budgeting season is a hectic time, where core responsibilities (and morale) are strained by the additional financial work…

This white paper covers:

  1. Why pressure is increasing to adopt technology

  2. Common challenges with including technology in the annual budgeting processs

  3. How falling sensor costs and new business models have changed the equation


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Comly Wilson