Building commissioning fault detection for building operators

Building Operations

You cannot be everywhere at once.

It is impossible to maximize the performance of each building across a portfolio without visibility into the boilers, elevators, HVAC, exhaust and other critical systems. Effectively manage your buildings and staff so you can prioritize what to repair with Enertiv’s operations performance system.

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Tenant submetering and comfort solutions for property managers

Property Management

Your tenants expect a certain level of performance from their space.

Improve tenants’ experience by addressing problems before they are noticed and providing accurate submeter billing while saving costs on the back end.

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Net operating income reports and optimization for asset managers

Asset Management

Operating costs are not as fixed as they may seem.

Maximize asset value and increase net operating income by eliminating operational waste, extending equipment life and capturing rent upside. No need to worry about learning a new system. Enertiv seamlessly integrates to your accounting software so you can stay on top of your investments.

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Advanced, easy to install metering for construction and development projects

Construction & Development

Deliver a modern building without the hassle.

The construction phase of a building is the fastest, easiest and least expensive time to install sensors and meters. Deliver advanced operational data tracking capabilities at a low cost with the EnertivTwo meter.

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Energy management and real time energy monitoring reports for sustainability directors


Energy doesn’t save itself.

Make your portfolio more sustainable and develop the business case using accurate data and analytics. Real-time energy monitoring allows you to pinpoint areas needing attention, track reductions and automatically generate reports on the environmental impacts.

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Simple, accurate measurement & verification platform for retrofit projects

Measurement & Verification Partners

M&V shouldn’t be difficult.

Prove the effectiveness of your retrofit project by employing the EnertivTwo meter to track building and equipment-level data over time. There is no other meter on the market that delivers the same level of tracking, ease of installation and low cost.

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