Infusing Sustainability into Daily Operations at One Cal Plaza


One California Plaza is an iconic office tower in the downtown Los Angeles submarket. However, the pursuit of sustainability sets off a fierce competition to stay at the forefront of innovation.


One Cal Plaza is successfully navigating through ever changing market dynamics with the help of Enertiv. Enertiv’s workflow automation and insights allow One Cal Plaza’steam to manage and optimize their operations, with a keen eye on consolidating the technology stack.

“One Cal is LEED Platinum, Energy Star Certified, and meets ASHRAE 62.1 for indoor air quality. We understand the importance of upholding these certifications, which is why we strive to optimize our building's operations for maximum efficiency day in and day out. That’s what Enertiv helps us do.”
Nina Desiderio
General Manager at Rising Realty Partners

I’ve been with Rising Realty for three years. In that time, I’m proud to say that we’ve been able to verify our commitment to sustainability and occupant wellness through various certifications, including LEED Platinum, Energy Star and ASHRAE 62.1. Recently, we became the first SmartScore building in Los Angeles.

This holds immense significance due to downtown Los Angeles being a highly competitive market. Tenants today ask detailed questions about the efficiency of our building. They want to know what we’re doing to upgrade the equipment and what the air quality is.

My job is to bridge the gap between ESG initiatives and technology, to identify what solutions are needed and how we can best apply them. This endeavor is where I am currently channeling my time and attention.

This is why it is great to have a comprehensive solution like Enertiv. The engineers use the app daily to complete their daily rounds and preventative maintenance. Unlike any other platform I’ve seen, it has real-time alerts if any equipment is to unexpectedly break down and has identified $60,000 worth of optimizations.

As a team, we’re now exploring how we can layer in Enertiv’s ESG reporting, capital planning, and tenant utility billing capabilities. When technology is centralized and fully integrated is when its true value shines.

Technology and sustainability are only growing in importance to the commercial real estate industry. Sooner or later, If your firm doesn't embrace it, your competitor will. Why not embrace it in a way that brings together engineering, asset management and sustainability into a central platform?