How class A office building saved $132,000 in HVAC and chiller energy costs

Executive Summary

  • $132,000 in savings (30 cents / sq ft),
  • Savings translate to $2.34M in added asset value
  • 471% return on investment in Enertiv


In March of 2020, ownership purchased an Amazon-leased Class A office in Bellevue, Washington that already had Enertiv installed.

Unfortunately, this coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic’s initial spread across the United States.

Enertiv onboarded the executive team and third party property management team in early April and helped navigate the operational challenges of a de-occupied building.

Operations were running smoothly until late 2020, when the utility bill for the building doubled in one month. The Enertiv team was tasked with finding out the root cause of this unexpected and costly development.

Asset Details

  • 20 floors
  • 435,000 square foot office
  • Class A
  • Built in 2008
  • Modern Siemens BMS