Frequently Asked Questions

How is Enertiv Different than a building management system?

The Enertiv Platform can add value to an asset whether or not there is a BMS in place.

Building management systems are designed to monitor what equipment is doing and to execute instructions precisely. Enertiv continuosly ensures those instructions are optimal.

During the normal course of operations for a buildings, schedules and set points are changed to accomodate short-term tenant needs and often never changed back. Enertiv catches this performance drift immediately to ensure operating expenses are not wasted.

In addition, Enertiv captures data, such as runtime hours, and systems, such as elevators, that building management systems done't. This allows the Enertiv Platform to streamline maintenance and repairs, benchmark equipment performance against the industry, and inform CapEx decisions.

Is Enertiv an energy management system?

No. We see energy management as one important part of a much larger whole. We are focused on everything related to building operations, which includes energy management, but also covers maintenance and repairs, tenant billing, vendor management, CapEx forecastingn and due dilligence reporting.

What do you call the system?

We call it the Enertiv Platform, under which there are two solutions: Enertiv AI (asset intelligence) and Enertiv ATB (automatic tenant billing). These can be delivered individually or bundled together.

There are a number of add-ons to the Enertiv AI soluion, such as a virtual environment and specific sensor packages to detect specific problems (like leaks or frozen pipes), or optimize certain systems (like boilers or elevators).

Do I need an engineering degree to use the platform?

No. While we certainly have tools for engineers to take a deep dive into the performance of their systems, the Enertiv Platform is designed to serve from the boardroom to the boiler room. There is a high-level executive management dashboard as well as a easy-to-use mobile app for on-site operators.

What property types does Enertiv serve?

Enertiv serves large multifamily, office, industrial, and hospitality properties.

How do you ensure recommendations are implemented?

Enertiv provides a dedicated client success associate to every client. In addition to the software, Enertiv's Client Success team works to uncover additional insights, train your teams, ensure that reommendations are being implemented, and create a strategic plan to meet your targets.

What is the payback period?

The Enertiv Platform itself delivers a 15 month payback on average. The speed of this payback is a result of low installation costs and a wide range of optimizations, from more effective maintenance and repairs, to energy efficiencies, to streamlined back-office processes.

Check out our Case Studies to see how

Who does the installation and maintenance of the sensors?

Enertiv provides a turnkey solution. After the scope of work is approved, we will hire electricians, perform the installation, network and provision the sensors, and provide ongoing maintenance.

How does the networking for the wireless sensors work?

Enertiv deploys dedicated cellular networks so that installations do not have to wait on IT teams.

Does Enertiv deploy outside of New York?

Yes. In fact, we have deployed our platform in over 30 states as well as internationally.

Where do you get the data?

We identify the lowest cost strategy to capture the data needed to deliver valuable insights. Whether that's our hardware, our partners' sensors, or existing sources.

Who are your clients?

We work with over 50 large real estate portfolios, and at least one of the three largest portfolios in each of the asset types we serve: office, multifamily, industrial and hospitality.

Clients include companies such as AvalonBay, CBRE, Colliers, Equity Residential, Laramar, Prologis, Related, Rudin, RXR, SL Green, Taurus Investment Holidings, and many more.