Frequently Asked Questions

Does Enertiv do controls and/or equipment automation?

For the most part, no. While we do integrate with standard protocols such as BACnet and Modbus to pull relevant data, our focus is on optimization and performance, not controls.

One important benefit of this approach is that there is much lower risk as far as cyber security goes. We take security very seriously, but if the worst were to happen, no one could control physical systems through Enertiv.

Is Enertiv an energy management company?

No. We see energy management as one important part of a much larger whole. We are focused on everything related to building operations, which does include energy management, but also much more.

What property types does Enertiv serve?

Enertiv serves large multifamily, office, industrial, and hospitality properties.

Does Enertiv have a consulting arm?

Enertiv provides a managed service. In addition to the software, Enertiv' Client Success team works to uncover additional insights, train your teams, and ensure that you are meeting your targets.

Who does the installation?

Enertiv provides a turnkey solution. After the scope of work is approved, we will perform the installation, network and provision the sensors, and beginning trending data immediately.

Does Enertiv deploy outside of New York?

Yes. In fact, we have deployed our platform in over 25 states as well as internationally.

Where do you get the data?

We identify the lowest cost strategy to reliably capture the data needed to deliver valuable insights. Whether that's our hardware, our partners' sensors, or existing sources.

Who do you work with?

We work with over 30 large real estate portfolios, and a handful of the top 10 largest operators in each of the asset types we serve: office, multifamily, industrial and hospitality.

Clients include companies such as Prologis, SL Green, Rudin, Macklowe, Colliers International and many more.