Enertiv ATB

Enertiv’s automatic tenant billing solution streamlines tenant submetering workflows and provides full transparency into your recovery rates.


The Benefits of Automated Submetering

Many commercial real estate properties still rely on manual meter readings and bill generation as part of their tenant submetering workflow.

Not only is this process slow and expensive, there are often errors and discrepancies that are frustrating for tenants and owners alike.

In addition, manual processes mean that owners have no transparency into the recovery rates of their cash outlays.



Enertiv ATB is an automated meter reading software designed to streamline submetering billing and deliver full transparency.


Intuitive Visualizations

Understand submetering revenue through visuals that are familiar to property managers and landlords.


Management Portal

Track revenue recovery in real time and drill down to individual tenants.


Automated Bill Generation

Save administrative time with automated tenant billing software.


Utility Bill Tracking

Digital utility and electric submetering bills are automatically stored in a central repository.


Optional Tenant Portal

Provide a premium experience by showing tenants real-time transparency into their utility costs.


Key Benefits 

Revenue Recovery

Maximize Revenue Recovery

Ensure that you are collecting every dollar owed with full transparency and smart software.

Eliminate Errors

Eliminate Errors

Remote meter readings and automated bill generating eliminates human errors that occur during a more manual process.

Tenant Experience

Premium Tenant Experience

Tenants expect digital billing and transparency into where their dollars are going.


Buy Wholesale, Sell Retail

Depending on local laws, there’s the potential to purchase energy at wholesale rates and sell at retail rates to generate an additional revenue stream.


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