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Comprehensive System: Ours is the only platform that helps improve every aspect of building operations - maintenance, utilities, tenant submetering, and equipment reliability.

Targeted Use Case: Our platform does not do one thing for any building type, it is a comprehensive solution specifically for commercial office and multifamily apartment buildings.

Focus on Action: We don't expect operators to analyze complex data sets or figure out what graphs mean on their own. We uncover insights and deliver them to operators in the field in real time.

Client Success: We put in the work to ensure that you get the most out of our platform. We are constantly improving and believe in transparent, two-way communication.

Innovation is at Our Core: We are at the forefront of equipment-level performance tracking, the Internet of Things, data visualizations, big data, and machine learning.


It’s valuable that the data puts a real dollar amount on the savings of a properly functioning system. We didn’t anticipate the Enertiv system would be so valuable right away.

Adam Freedgood - Principal, Third Partners


The information provided was very helpful in determining where the problem started and stopped.

Sal Claps - Director of Facilities