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✔ Turnkey installation

✔ Holistic building performance visibility

✔ Tools to reduce operating expenses and improve tenant comfort

✔ Bridge the communication gap across departments

Operational Cost Savings

Utilize continuous building commissioning to identify the underlying causes of your operational inefficiencies and directly improve your bottom line with actionable insights.

Foster Team-Wide Communication

Managing staff, maintenance schedules and equipment malfunctions across a portfolio is difficult. Use the notifications your team is receiving to ensure that issues are being addressed quickly and help develop a culture of collaboration and accountability.

Upgrade Maintenance Services

Avoiding capital expenditures is crucial to maintaining strong cash flow for a building. Predictive detection of operational issues enables you to make adjustments to expensive equipment before it breaks and needs to be completely replaced.

Enhance Tenant Experience

Unhappy tenants can leave vacancies that are expensive to fill. Immediately detect the issues that lead to tenant discomfort and automatically notify the appropriate person so problems can be fixed before your tenants even notice them. Even if issues take time to address, your tenants will have peace of mind knowing that you’re on top of it.

Improve Resource Allocation Decisions

Things break. Sometimes they need to be fixed immediately. Sometimes they need to be patched up for the time being. Allocating resources for upgrades or repairs based on true cost-benefit analyses is essential for improving operational performance.

BMS Supplement or Alternative

Improve your existing BMS system by continuously monitoring its effectiveness or use the Enertiv Operations Performance System as a BMS Lite at a fraction of the cost.


The Enertiv system gives us the knowledge to pursue proper commissioning with the HVAC and lighting vendors. It’s valuable that the data puts a real dollar amount on the savings of a properly functioning system. We didn’t anticipate the Enertiv system would be so valuable right away for verification on the newly built systems - especially outside of cooling season.

Adam Freedgood - Principal, Third Partners


The information provided was very helpful in determining where the problem started and stopped.

Sal Claps - Director of Facilities, Eataly