Enertiv Releases VR Tech to Streamline Building Operations

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Today is a big day at Enertiv - We're proud to unveil our newest solution: Enertiv 360. With over three billion hours of machine data already collected using the Enertiv platform, and backing from leading real estate technology investors such as Fifth Wall and MetaProp, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the first ‘digital twin’ technology for day-to-day operations in commercial real estate.

In a first for commercial real estate, Enertiv 360 embeds real-time sensor data into 3D visualizations to create an up-to-date digital replica of the mechanical and electrical infrastructure within large buildings. The solution allows building operators to streamline their processes and realize up to 20% cost savings in both maintenance and utility spend. Unlike most digital twin technologies, which are focused on complex manufacturing and construction, Enertiv 360 is built specifically to be scaled within existing real estate portfolios regardless of the age or sophistication of building systems.

“Enertiv 360 is the culmination of our vision to transform building data into asset value by empowering every stakeholder – owners, managers, engineers, and on-site staff – with actionable, data-driven insights,” says Connell McGill, CEO and co-founder of Enertiv. “Enertiv is already the leader in digitizing physical assets using sensor data. Now, Enertiv 360 allows us to visualize our insights in a much more intuitive and powerful way. This solution represents a big step forward, but it’s only the beginning as we continue to collaborate with leading operators to build a fully integrated technology suite for streamlining building operations.”

Enertiv’s current customer base includes some of the largest office, multifamily, industrial and hospitality portfolios in the world such as Colliers International, Prologis, SL Green, and Rudin Management. The company has consistently demonstrated a return on investment of over 230% and an initial payback period of around one year.

About Enertiv 360

Until today, even the most advanced solutions for streamlining building operations have been based on charts and graphs that are inherently difficult to use for operators in the field. On the other hand, no 3D or virtual experience has been built to seamlessly embed real-time data and digitized documentation directly into the visualizations.

Despite the improvements in predictive maintenance, fault detection, and data-driven optimizations for CRE assets, on-site staff still rely on experienced managers and outside vendors to resolve equipment breakdowns and other operational issues. In addition, useful documentation is usually missing or buried in the chief engineer’s office, increasing downtime and the likelihood of a negative experience for tenants.

The patent-pending technology combines IoT sensor data, machine learning, and 3D visualizations to enable building operators to access digital replicas of their assets from anywhere in the world, enabling them to:

  • Pull up equipment-specific documentation and vendor contacts directly in the 3D environment
  • Get up-to-the-minute performance data and a history of equipment faults
  • Reduce travel time by troubleshooting issues remotely
  • Avoid expensive calls to third party vendors
  • Efficiently bring new operators and services companies up to speed on the asset

Buildings can be brought online in 1–2 days, and the platform begins delivering money-saving insights after only two weeks. Schedule a demo today to see Enertiv 360 in action!