Client Journey: Laramar Group

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Over $75,000 of annual operating expense savings.

The Background

Despite the best efforts of the managers and on-site staff, equipment issues would go undetected, resulting in unnecessary damage to equipment and an increase in costs due to earlier-than-expected replacements.

The Solution

Laramar selected two buildings in the Chatsworth Business Park, a 230,000 square foot office complex in Southern California, as the site for the first phase of deploying Enertiv’s technology.

Enertiv installed sensors to track the performance of 43 pieces of critical equipment for a one-time implementation cost of $13,000 and recurring annual subscription of $5,000.


The client success team also identified that the temperature set point for an HVAC system was too low, accelerating wear and tear on the system by causing it to cycle on and off rapidly.

The maintenance insights were coupled with a series of energy-saving optimizations that combined to $75,000 in annual savings, a potential 440% return on the first year’s cost of ownership.


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Comly Wilson