Client Journey: SL Green


The Challenge

The high-rise commercial assets that SL Green owns and operates spend millions of dollars per year on utilities, maintenance, and repairs. Reducing these operating costs by even small percentatges can have a significant impact on the net operating income (NOI) of the property.

In New York City, which has the lowest cap rates in the country, any incremental increase in NOI has a significant impact on the asset value of the property.

The Solution

Over the course of the first year, while the Enertiv Platform calculated real-time costs of running HVAC systems on overtime during weekday nights and weekends, the SL Green engineering team went about deploying a series of optimizations unlocked by the Enertiv data.

In addition to the insights and optimizations driven by performance data, 919 Third Avenue become one of the first buildings to deploy the Enertiv 360 solution.


  • $32,000+ in savings from no-cost optimizations

  • $138,000+ in savings from VFD installations


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Comly Wilson