What is Enertiv’s Asset Assessment Process?

Enertiv is a software company that builds hardware to digitize, streamline and enhance operational workflows in commercial real estate.

The “digitize” and “streamline” parts are covered by our modules (maintenance, energy & ESG, tenant billing and capital planning). These are classic software-as-a-service solutions that are priced based on square footage or number of units.

The “enhance” part is covered by our power ups (equipment monitoring, environmental monitoring and integrations). These are software solutions that leverage real-time data, and as such are priced depending on the infrastructure in place.

Determining that infrastructure is where Enertiv’s asset assessment process comes into play.

The Benefits of Asset Assessments

The goal of the asset assessment is to determine the infrastructure of a property and figure out the path of least resistance to gather the real-time data needed to enhance workflows and produce outsized return on investment.

Enertiv does not charge to perform asset assessments, but there is still a lot of value in the process.

That’s because, as a byproduct, we uncover a lot of information that we are more than happy to share.

Understanding the tech stack

When you look across most commercial real estate portfolios, there are often dozens of different vendors to perform the same five or six critical operational workflows.

Side note - if you’re interested in seeing how portfolios have successfully implemented portfolio scale technology adoption, check out this white paper.

This distributed and siloed technology stack is the primary reason that asset managers have little to no transparency into their assets, and is one of the biggest challenges faced by innovation teams.

Fortunately, part of Enertiv’s asset assessment process is to understand which systems are currently used on site, and which processes are still performed on pen and paper or spreadsheets.

Just knowing what is deployed is valuable. It is taken to the next level during the asset assessment by also getting a detailed understanding of the on-site team’s level of satisfaction, and what the property is currently paying for each solution.

Enertiv’s Process

The asset assessment process is performed by Enertiv’s Project Engineering team, made up of mechanical and electrical engineers and building systems experts.

They have performed hundreds of these and know how to ask the right questions to quickly determine the infrastructure of the property and workflows of the on-site personnel.

Another helpful byproduct of the process is that on-site teams get the opportunity to speak with other engineers who “talk their language.” This is one of the many ways that Enertiv starts to create buy-in with the on-site teams.

This can help reduce friction during the buying process and allow engineers to have their concerns addressed openly instead of allowing simple inertia derail innovation.