What is Predictive Maintenance?



The aim of predictive maintenance is first to forecast when equipment failure might occur, and secondly, to prevent occurrence of the failure by performing maintenance. Monitoring for future failure allows maintenance to be planned before the failure occurs. Ideally, predictive maintenance allows the maintenance frequency to be as low as possible to prevent unplanned reactive maintenance, without incurring costs associated with doing too much preventative maintenance.

Predicting failure can be done with Enertiv's predictive maintenance module. It predicts failure and also provides notifications to maintenance staff.

Why it Matters

When predictive maintenance is working effectively as a maintenance strategy, maintenance is only performed on machines when it is required. That is, just before failure is likely to occur. This brings several cost savings:

  • Minimizing the time the equipment is being maintained

  • Minimizing the production hours lost to maintenance

  • Minimizing the cost of spare parts and supplies

Compared with preventative maintenance, predictive maintenance ensures that a piece of equipment requiring maintenance is only shut down right before imminent failure. This reduces the total time and cost spent maintaining equipment.

Comly WilsonComment