What is Monitoring-based Commissioning


Monitoring based commissioning is the process of collecting, storing, analyzing and reporting data (collected through sensors) to optimize equipment performance and efficiency.

Why it’s Important

From the moment a building is constructed and starts consuming resources, it starts deteriorating. Mechanical, electrical, automation, and all building systems naturally decline over time in terms of both performance and efficiency. The results can be the same; operations and maintenance costs rise, energy consumption rises, and occupant comfort may decline.

Monitoring based commissioning is an evolution of the commissioning process, and one that provides actionable information for system optimization on a continuous basis. Widely accepted as an industry best practice, monitoring based commissioning solution maintain a constant eye on your equipment by providing facilities staff with powerful tools to ensure peak performance.

A monitoring based commissioning system based on real estate IoT sensors does not replace existing building operators but provides another tool in the facility’s arsenal to maintain and improve on building operations. It acts as a virtual consultant, freeing up skilled personnel from monitoring to solving issues.