How Does Enertiv's Pricing Model Work?

Enertiv is a software platform that digitizes, streamlines and enhances operational workflows in commercial real estate. Like many other software-as-a-service products, we charge an annual subscription for access to the platform, as well as a small setup fee because we take on the responsibility of digitizing assets and setting up workflows.

Enertiv’s subscription covers an entire property, there is no limit to the number of users or the amount of data or workflows performed on the platform.

This article doesn’t provide specific pricing (for that, you may check out our pricing page), instead it walks through the factors that determine the price.

Property Types

Enertiv prices our software to easily map to how owners and operators already think about their assets.

For that reason, the cost is reflected somewhat differently for different property types.

For example, for office, industrial, retail and other commercial assets, we charge on a cents per square foot basis.

On the other hand, for multifamily, hospitality, student housing, and other residential assets, we charge on a dollars per unit basis.

Modules vs Power Ups

As we explain in our article on the asset assessment process, the “digitize” and “streamline” parts are covered by our modules (maintenance, energy & ESG, tenant billing and capital planning). These are classic software-as-a-service solutions that come out to a cent or two per square foot or a dollar or two per unit per month

The “enhance” part is covered by our power ups (equipment monitoring, environmental monitoring and integrations). These are software solutions that leverage real-time data, and as such are priced depending on the infrastructure in place.

The power ups generally come at a higher cost, and also deliver a higher return on investment.

There are some scenarios, such as for tenant billing, where we charge on a per meter basis as well.

Volume Pricing

Where the modules are concerned, we have a very straightforward philosophy. The more properties you bring onto the Enertiv Platform, the lower the per square foot or per unit price.

The way our volume tiers work is as follows:

Say the module starts at 2 cents per square foot and has a price break of 10% after one million square feet, and another price break of 20% after three million square feet.

In this scenario for a 5 million square foot deployment, the first million square feet would cost 2 cents per square foot, or $20,000, square feet one through three million would cost 1.8 cents per square foot (10% discount), or $36,000, and square feet three through five million would cost 1.6 cents per square foot (20% discount), or $32,000, totaling $88,000.