What are Building Management Systems?


Building management systems (BMS) are control systems installed in buildings that automate the functions of mechanical equipment.

Many BMS come equipped with fault detection and diagnostics, which alert building operators  to issues that could otherwise remain undetected. Engineers can use such a system to manage:

  1. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning)
  2. Fire alarm system
  3. Lighting control system
  4. Security control system
  5. Water tanks level

Why it Matters

While expensive to deploy, building management systems are an important tool in the modernization of commercial real estate. That said, improperly configured building management systems are estimated to consume about 20% of building energy use, or approximately 8% of total energy usage in the US.

Most sophisticated commercial real estate portfolios are deploying analytics overlays on top of the building management system to improve fault detection, optimize energy efficiency, and support reporting and ESG goals.