What is Building IoT?


Building IoT refers to Internet of Things sensors specifically designed to enhance the occupant  experience and operations of the built environment.

Why it Matters

The built environment, whether apartment buildings, offices, hotels, retail stores, or industrial warehouses are critical to human and economic health.

In most cases, buildings are operated based on the know-how of a few technical engineers. However, IoT technology is enabling real estate companies to operate at high standards even as the current generation of engineers retires out of the workforce.

Building IoT enables data to be captured and trended about equipment and other building systems. With an analytics engine, this data can provide deep insights for building operators to significantly increase operational efficiency.

As the cost of sensor technology has fallen, the ability for companies to capture and utilize electricity, temperature, occupancy, and air quality data has increased dramatically. For example, disaster scenarios such as flooding caused by pipe bursts can be preempted with temperature and moisture detection connected to an alert engine. This not only saves the owner potentially millions of dollars in remediation, it saves tenants from disruptive events.

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