What is Building Maintenance?


Building maintenance is any form of maintenance regarding commercial or residential real estate. It can include the following types of maintenance:

Preventative maintenance: Preventative maintenance is a strategy for maintaining equipment that is regularly performed to reduce the likelihood of failure.

Predictive maintenance: Predictive maintenance (PdM) is a proactive maintenance strategy to reduce the likelihood of equipment failures by forecasting when issues might occur and addressing them systematically.

Reactive maintenance: Reactive maintenance are repairs that are completed after equipment has already broken down. Reactive facilities management and  maintenance focuses on restoring the equipment to operating conditions as close to normal as possible.

Building maintenance is often managed through a building maintenance software (BMS) system. This type of maintenance is important to ensure that building systems are functioning as intended, and to ensure that there are no failures in any part of the building.

Why it Matters

Building maintenance is a key part of owning any form of real estate. Building maintenance is one of those things that absolutely has to get done, and real estate maintenance can be simplified by using technological solutions like a building maintenance software system.