What is CRE Technology


CRE technology refers to any technology that is developed for use in commercial real estate buildings and/or companies.

Why it Matters

Commercial real estate has lagged other large industries in digitization advancements over time.


More recently however, the advancements in CRE technology and more willingness by the commercial real estate industry has led to an explosion in venture capital investment.


As investment has grown, so has the difficulty of evaluating the right technologies to adopt.

More recently, there has been a coalescing around certain companies who serve a significant portion of the “tech stack.”

The tech stack can be defined in many ways, but usually refers to broad business areas, such as  building operations, property management, tenant experience, leasing, and underwriting.

Commercial real estate is the single largest  asset class in the world and the upside potential for CRE technology appears to be orders of magnitude higher than where it is today.