Does Enertiv Integrate with my Property Management System?

Technology adoption is one of the most important, and most challenging, initiatives that commercial real estate portfolios are going through.

There are many challenges, including understanding how pricing models work, and how teams will be onboarded efficiently and effectively.

Beyond that is the issue of integration. Nobody wants new technology to create another silo, where data lives separate from existing systems.

As such, we often get asked whether Enertiv integrates with the property management system, whether that’s Yardi, MRI, JD Edwards or any other.

The short answer is “yes,” but let’s dig in.


The technology landscape has evolved.

Legacy property management systems have not been able to keep up with the demands on the building operations side of the business nor with the new tenant engagement requirements.

For more information on this evolution, check out Everything You Could Want to Know: Combining Front & Back of House

Regardless, legacy property management systems are still critical for operations, namely as the accounting system.

This role as the financial source of truth means that they often cannot be replaced entirely, they must be worked with.

Let’s explore some of the options as they relate to Enertiv’s Platform.


Enertiv’s Tenant Billing module collects tenant meter reads (either performed manually or automated) and generates submeter billing for tenants on a monthly basis.

Obviously, this data needs to get into the accounting system and is standard practice for Enertiv to match the journal entry fields in the property management system to get the financial data properly reported on.

Enertiv’s Capital Planning module pulls in spreadsheet-based capital plans into software, tracking capital expenditure forecasts. As projects are approved and paid for, this information can also be integrated into the property management system.

Finally, many property management systems have become the de-facto maintenance tool as well. Because tenants often pay their bills and do other tasks in the property management system, it often makes sense for them to submit maintenance requests there as well (though we’d recommend a tenant engagement app).

In those cases, requests can be collected through the property management systems and flow to Enertiv’s Maintenance module for approval and as work orders.

Levels of Integration

Generally, each property management system has two levels of integration.

The first is a more basic and standardized integration, which is included in the normal Enertiv subscription. This may include one-click export/imports but is very fast to setup and inexpensive.

The second is a more customized integration that will guarantee full automation. Due to the fact that each instance of a property management system is unique, this often takes longer and is an additional cost.